Initial consultation and follow-up visits are provided in our office. A physician assistant may be involved in the consultation along with one of our physicians. We try to review previous records, including prior laboratory and x-ray studies. When we have completed our evaluation, we carefully review our findings and recommendations with you. Please feel free to ask questions at any time regarding tests, treatment or other aspects of your care. A full report of our findings and suggested treatment is sent to your referring or primary care physician.


  • Consultations

  • Hemorrhoid Banding

  • PEG


Many patients who are referred to Carolina Mountain Gastroenterology require some type of endoscopic procedure. Endoscopy refers to the use of an instrument (an endoscope) to directly examine the digestive system and to take biopsies from the lining. Certain treatment procedures can also be performed through endoscopy such as controlling gastrointestinal bleeding, growth or polyp removal, removal of bile duct stones, dilation of the esophagus and placement of stents within the bile duct and esophagus.

These are all outpatient procedures, usually done with sedation so patients feel little if any discomfort. These outpatient procedures may be done in our Endoscopy Center located at our Hendersonville office or at one of the local hospitals.

Capsule endoscopies are also preformed at the Hendersonville office. Capsule endoscopy allows your doctor to examine the lining of the small intestine. A pill sized video camera is swallowed by the patient. The images are transmitted to a data recorder, about the size of a large smartphone. The data recorder is worn by the patient during the procedure. Afterwards your doctor will review the images on a video monitor.


  • Bravo pH Probe

  • Capsule Endoscopy (Pill Cam)

  • Colonoscopy

  • EGD

  • InterStim

  • Sigmoidoscopy